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What We Do: Maintenance Services (TX)

For queries or assistance, please reach out to:


Construction & Maintenance Solutions:  Work Orders and Bid Request

  • ADA Skid Pad Replacements
  • Clubhouse Repairs & Renovations
  • Common Area Inspections
  • Concrete Work
  • Drainage/Erosion Control
  • General Maintenance Work Orders
  • Light Changeouts and Maintenance
  • Minor Electrical and Plumbing
  • Monuments Repair and New Install
  • New Construction
  • New Pavilion, Arbor, and Pergola Installation
  • Painting Interior and Exterior
  • Pressure Washing
  • Sign Installation
  • Wood and Iron Fencing Installation & Repairs


IMS Porter Services: Reoccurring Service Performed By a Qualified Technician, Under Contract

Maintaining the curb appeal of the community with regularly scheduled cleaning of community grounds and performing light maintenance repairs/duties.

  • Will physically walk the property daily and remove litter from the community grounds; Dumpster area(s), Clubhouse/Pool areas(s), Recreation areas..), Landscaped and Parking Areas, and so forth.
  • Inspections and Labor repairs:
    • AC filter replacement
    • Check benches, sitting areas and repairs when needed
    • Electrical Function for clubhouses, monuments, tennis courts, parks
    • Flags
    • General door hardware repairs/replacement
    • New Sign installs, old sign replacement
    • Playground Equipment (Generally under warranty, no repairs unless specific and does not void existing warranty)
    • Restrooms (toilets, fans, sinks, basic plumbing)
    • Tennis/Basketball Court electrical, wind nets, BBG nets, court nets and minor repairs when needed
    • Trash pickup, rake kiddie cushion, graffiti removal, loose equipment check
    • Wood fences, repair/replace loose boards
    • Power washing, light wood repairs and painting.
  • Supplies provided by client (Filters, Bulbs, Pickets, New Signs, etc.)
  • Services can be customized to client.  Special projects, etc.