Association Management

Inframark Infrastructure Management Services (IMS), is an Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC©) through the Community Association Institute (CAI), that provides a solid HOA management partnership for the long-term that will align with the Association goals and provide reliable professional consultation, leadership, and service demonstrated in five areas.

  1. The strength of our service model is our flexibility and team approach to service.
  2. Discipline, integrity and adherence to best practices and our AAMC designation ethics.
  3. The knowledge, professionalism, and proactive attitude of the management team.
  4. Ethical business relationships in the industry being free from conflicts of interest.
  5. Vision and strength of the Executive Leadership of the organization putting clients first.

Inframark IMS has a high-profile role, acting on behalf of the HOA Board and the Association as your representatives with the Membership, vendors and other entities. From the beginning Inframark IMS becomes a partner of the community in cooperation with the standards, HOA board expectations and governing documents. By having Inframark IMS as your management Partner, you can have confidence that all management and customer service is provided equally, consistently, reasonably, ethically and legally in all areas public or private as we care for each person, call, email, letter or visit.


  • Inframark Service Staff
    • Trained and Supported Staff
    • Focused on Caring for Our Clients
    • Layers of Accountability
    • Lifestyle & Committee Support
  • Financial Management:
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Checks and Balances
    • Reliable and Meticulous Record Keeping
    • Online Payables System
    • Meaningful Monthly Reporting
  • Asset Management
    • Ethical Business Partnerships and Resources
    • Contract Liaison and Management
    • Routine Property Visits
    • Gate & Access Amenity Management
    • Vendor Relationships
    • Professional Bidding
    • Insurance & Risk Assessments

  • Governance Administration
    • Architectural Review (ACC or ARC)
    • Deed Restriction Compliance
    • Resolution and Policy Enforcement
    • ARC Modification Guideline Writing
  • Customer Experience & Communications
    • Personal Customer Care
    • 24/7 Live After Hours Hotline
    • TownSquare Portal & App
    • Webpage Records Management
  • Board and Association Support
    • Action Item Tracking & Reporting
    • Board/Volunteer Training & Support
    • Budget and Financial Strategic Planning
    • Minutes, Resolutions, Policies
    • Consulting & Creative Solutions
    • Innovative and Effective Technology
    • Website & Social Media Options
    • Cost Saving Programs
    • Comprehensive 4-stage Transition Plan