Q: What is the Homeowners Association?

A: A Homeowners Association is a non-profit corporation consisting of property owners that is managed by a Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for the management of the Association’s funds, the enforcement of the deed restrictions, and maintaining the common area property.

Q: How do I gain access to my subdivisions’ amenities?

A: Information on your community’s amenities may come from several sources: their Website, Newsletter, or Welcome Package. We also mail out a “pool memo” to all communities with a pool every spring. If you can’t find, or haven’t received this information, please call your local office.

Q: Why do I pay Association fees?

A: Association fees, sometimes referred to as Maintenance or Assessment fees, are collected to maintain the common areas of your community. Normally this covers pool(s), playground(s), clubhouse, recreation center, fitness center, and various utilities. Fees are also used for improvements, beautification, landscaping, and any other Owner services provided.

Q: What if I can’t pay the Annual Fees in full?

A: Please call us and ask to speak to someone in Customer Care. They will instruct you to put your request in writing along with instructions on any fees. Upon approval of your request from the Board of Directors of your association, you will be placed on a payment plan. There are several term options.

Q: Can I pay Fees online with a credit card?

A: Yes. We do accept credit cards. We have provided a link above that allows you to make a payment using your debit or credit card. Please note that there is a convenience charge when paying online. You may also pay with money order, cashier’s check, and or personal check in person or by mail at the Inframark Management Services-Texas office. Located at: 2002 West Grand Parkway North, Suite 100, Katy, Texas 77449. We no longer accept cash and are unable to accept credit/debit cards over the phone.

Q: What happens if I receive a 404 error message while paying online?

A: When paying as a guest, if you receive a 404 error message that does not allow the payment website to display, this is a firewall issue and you should try using a different device browser or network (mobile phone).

Q: What are deed restrictions (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions)?

A: The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR’s), also referred to as “deed restrictions”, is a recorded document of rules and regulations governing your community. The document outlines the standards of your community and informs you of what can and cannot be done. Be sure to read through these important documents to fully understand the rules that govern your association.

Q: How can I obtain a copy of my community’s deed restrictions (CCR’s)?

A: You should have received a copy of your community CCR’s (deed restrictions) at closing when you purchased your home. However, Inframark Management Services can provide you an electronic or hard copy of the deed restrictions at your request. Please visit the Home Page and click on Contact Us to request a copy of your CCR’s.

Q: Why do I need to comply with the deed restrictions (CCR’s)?

A: When you closed on your house with the title company, the title policy that you signed states that, as a homeowner, you are contractually obligated to comply with the deed restrictions. This agreement is between the homeowner and your homeowner’s association and when you are not compliant, legal action can be used by the association against the homeowner. Enforcing deed restrictions are essential to maintaining property values and preserving the residential character of the neighborhood.

Q: How do I report a deed restriction (CCR) violation?

A: Please report Deed Restriction Violations via the link above. It is important to emphasize that in reporting a deed restriction violation, you will remain anonymous, however we must also have a “paper trail” of the violation should legal action be required.

Q: How do I apply for home improvements such as a permanent basketball goal, landscaping, pool, converting garage into a room, satellite dish, painting, etc.?

A: Before considering any changes to your property, please consult the deed restrictions and the architectural guidelines for your community. If your community has a website, this info may be posted there along with the Application for Approval to Modify Home or Property form for you to print. If you are ready to submit an application for review, visit our ARC Applications tab above to submit your information electronically.

Q: How often do Associations hold meetings?

A: Annual Meetings – The answer to this question is within the By-Laws of your Association. The By-Laws are part of the recorded documents that you received when you closed on your home and can also be found on record at the County courthouse. You will receive written notice of Annual Meetings. Normally, the first annual meeting of the Members shall be held within one (1) year after the date of incorporation of the Association. Thereafter, annual meetings shall be set by the Board.
Special Meetings – Special meetings of the Members may be called at any time by the Declarant, by the President, by the Board, or upon the written request for a special meeting from Members. What has been stated here and above is only “typical”. You must consult your Association’s recorded documents for accuracy.

Q: May I lease my home?

A: This varies per Association. Please check your recorded documents to be sure. If leasing your home is permitted, you MUST call the Association and give them your new address because the responsibility of the home is still yours.

Q: How do I find out the names of the Builders of my subdivision?

A: From either the subdivisions’ sales office, your realtor, or the title company.

Q: In the event that I sell my home, do I have to provide a Resale Certificate to the buyers?

A: This is strictly a decision between the Buyer and the Seller.

Q: Which MUD district serves my community?

A: You should have received a list of all utility providers for your community from the title company at closing so please check your closing documents. You can also look on your water bill for the MUD district information or on your Association’s website.


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